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Help Africa by Donating Safely


Africa is a beautiful continent. The people, the culture, and the natural wonders this side of the world has to offer are more than enough to attract attention from all over the world. But everyone knows that there’s another aspect of Africa that has directly piqued the hearts of people. The sweet smiles and bright eyes of children despite the less favorable circumstances they’re in have tapped into the generosity of people from every corner of the planet.

Today, there are numerous charities that help African families fulfill their most basic needs — food, shelter, clothing, and education. Their popularity became global when Hollywood celebrities reached out and photos and videos of their trips were broadcasted. Consequently, others were encouraged, and help has continuously poured in ever since. Kind hearts and good will are definitely not dead yet.

However, there are people who take advantage of the generosity of others for their personal gain. False charities are not unheard of and stories of victimized benefactors are not uncommon. But this should not stop contributors from giving. To help those charitable souls, here are some pointers to identify a charity scam:

Know the warning signs of scam. Genuine charities don’t force or pressure their contributors into giving. So if the charity you’ve chosen is somehow making you feel uneasy and presses you to hand in your donation immediately, take a step back. Moreover, be wary of so-called “gifts” or “prizes” that will be given after your donation.

Most of the time, they’re meant to entice people to give donations. In addition, if a certain charity asks you to give out credit card information for a “convenient” transaction, don’t do it. Aside from being unsafe, it’s a sign that the charity you’ve chosen is not trustworthy.

Don’t give in to sob stories. Usually, a sense of urgency is involved. Steel yourself from those kinds of stories and say, “No.” If it makes you feel guilty, tell yourself that you’re taking your donation to a genuine charity instead.

Choose your charity wisely. Before picking up the phone or wiring a donation, verify the credibility of the charity you’ve chosen. Inquire about their registration and read about them as much as you can.

If you’re giving money, remember to never donate in cash. In accounting terms, cash is very “liquid.” It can easily fall into the wrong hands. So, make a check to the charity’s name and take note of every transaction detail. It’s also ideal to hand in your donation personally. That way, you’re sure that your donation was accepted by the right people.